I have just finished the fourth and final week of Level 1 Ananda Yoga Teacher Training. After five years of living in Ananda Village I have finally been able to take the time off to do this four-week program. I am so glad I did. The course has been educational, fun, inspiring, challenging, deep in yogic teachings (not necessarily in that order) and I got to meet some wonderful people along the way. Our teachers have done an absolutely amazing job in presenting the material and preparing us to go out and spread these teachings. It’s been a very busy four weeks as we had very little free time in between classes, but the effects of this immersion into the great science of Yoga are enormous. On the physical plane, we learned each posture included in this training in minute detail with keen attention to safety, as well as how that posture effects our energy. On a spiritual level, the yogic philosophy classes made about the other half of the class time and they really brought everything in perspective as well as helping us go deeper in our practice, whether meditation or yoga postures or the rest of our daily lives. If you have ever wondered whether you should sign up for this course, I have only one thing to say (with the risk of sounding a bit cliche): Just Do It! You will be glad you did and the experience will stay with you for lifetimes.

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