017.jpgLast night, at Ananda Village, we celebrated the blessings of Mahavatar Babaji in our lives. It was a stunningly beautiful evening at the Crystal Hermitage.

The air was so still and except for a choir of crickets and our devotional chanting and prayers it was very quiet and profoundly peaceful.002.jpg011.jpg

The evening was led by Dave Warner who reminded us that Babaji and Christ “together… send out vibrations of redemption, and have planned the spiritual technique of salvation for this age”. He also reminded us that calling on Babaji brings us an instant spititual blessing. A very comforting thought.
013.jpgThere were stories, a flower ceremony, a fire ceremony and meditation all on the terrace just below Babaji’s statue at Crystal Hermitage.

And though you can’t tell by the photographs, there were many people from Ananda Village (including the very newest little member) and guests from The Expanding Light in attendance.

The evening started out in the glow of the sunset and ended in the magical light of a half moon.006.jpg009.jpg001.jpg004.jpg