ananda-view.jpgIt has been a very pretty fall season here at Ananda. house-blessing-2.jpgWe got alot of rain off and on and then in between the mild storms we have had beautiful sunshine and clouds. The mix of rain and sunshine brought a little green back to our brown summer landscapes.

house-blessing-3.jpgI am sharing with you a set of photographs. The first and last photo is from the “ridge” here at Ananda Village, just the other day, but the other photos are from a few weeks ago at a house blessing.

house-blessing-4.jpgTwenty or more of us gathered in the home of Tim and Corinne. They have just settled in their new place of residence and wanted to host a simple ceremony to bless their home.

house-blessing-24.jpgWe began the afternoon with chanting led by Nalini, J.T. and Lewis. We prayed and meditated together.

house-blessing-10.jpgWe then had a strolling kirtan (walked and chanted) throughout their home and into each of the rooms holding photos of the Masters, candles, and incense. house-blessing-17.jpgWe did this to consciously ask for the presence of God and Guru in their home and in all aspects of their lives.

house-blessing-25.jpgWe come back together for another prayer and the chanting of Aum.

During the meditation (I admit) I opened my eyes and looked around at my fellow disciples and felt very grateful and blessed to be with these people and part of this simple joyful event.

sunset.jpgI also felt grateful for these practical, but profound teachings that can spiritualize daily life and bring God’s love into even the simplest of daily activities. Creating and maintaining a home, preparing meals, being with or helping friends and family, or working at our jobs and our worship all become connected and all become a vehicle to bring us closer to God and more aware of the Guru’s presence in our lives.

I left the house blessing with a quiet recommitment to feel that my Guru is with me in all that I do during the day. And when I forget…, I just try to remember again.

The last photo is Monday’s sunset. Wow. This was also taken at the “ridge.”

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May God and Guru bless you.