August 28, 2018

Guru + Attunement + Sincere Effort = Spiritual Progress

If I could boil down what I’ve learned as a disciple to one sentence, it might look like that. Three elements that when combined, have the power to transform a life.

Having a guru is a supreme blessing. He is so precious. He will see you through all difficulties. He knows your every thought, and knows every detail of your past life, and he loves you unconditionally. Think about that – he knows our every weakness and fault, and yet loves us no matter what.

Like everyone, my life has had ups and downs. When Master and I found each other, I was depressed and unhappy. I didn’t trust anyone, including God. While at the Expanding Light for Yoga Teacher Training in 2001, I was fortunate to run into Swami Kriyananda while out walking one day between classes. He suggested I go meditate at the Crystal Hermitage chapel. I did so, mostly to humor him, I have to admit. While meditating, I felt Master’s healing touch on my heart. I was flooded with the knowledge that I was enough just as I was, that I was lovable no matter what I had done in the past and no matter how confused and misdirected my thinking and behavior were in the present. I took discipleship and never looked back.

Since then I have clung to him in all circumstances. Sometimes I even visualize myself wrapping my arms around his feet. I’m not a perfect disciple by any means. There have been times when I have felt his guidance and have gone against it, because I was not yet able to make the right choice. Miraculously, he has stayed with me. That’s what true gurus do. They stay with us, no matter what, because all they want is for us to find lasting freedom.

What gift could be greater than that?

[Part Two of this blog will explore Attunement. Stay tuned!]