Whispers from EternityIn Yogananda’s beautiful poem “When I Am Only a Dream,” he says:

When you are able no longer to talk to me,
Read my Whispers from Eternity.
Eternally through that I will talk to you.

Over the years I have taken that advice to heart and encouraged others to do so. Always, he has kept his promise.

It was a year or so ago that my teen child began to experience sudden health issues. Our medical system wanted the family to conform to their traditional treatment of heavy medication. To me, it was clear that would compromise the quality of her life.

Sitting in front of my altar, I picked up Whispers from Eternity, Yogananda’s loving prayer-demands to God. In that spirit, I centered myself; then lovingly demanded that Master guide us all through this karmic test. Opening the book, my eyes fell on these lines from Master’s poem I Am Here—they explained the present, prophesied the future and gave me hope and comfort:

… A gay, glad world, with mystically opening doors.
With only mists of dreams between,
Someone beside me stood unseen—
And whispered to me, calm and clear:
“Hello, playmate! I am here!”

We decided to delay the medical interventions and wait for the mystical doors to open, and the “mist” to evaporate.

To be honest, the next two months felt like an “Eternity”! Still, these other lines from When I Am Only a Dream became my affirmation:

Unknown I will walk by your side
And guard you with invisible arms.

I repeated them over and over with full faith and clung to Master like a child to their mother.

Those “mystically opening doors” Master spoke of begun to come true—first one, then another, then another. The mist slowly lifted. To the ordinary eye, it looked like a normal course of events—but I knew without any doubt it was the hand of Master.

The teen quickly returned to normal vibrant health.

And I relaxed, comforted in the sure knowledge that by following Master’s advice to “read my Whispers,” he had spoken to us, and given us the right guidance.