Telecast CrewFirst live broadcast today of Swami Kriyananda talk from our new amphitheater. Last night, crews were still laying cables to bring power, lighting, sound and AnandaBell DSL. That on top of a new shade tarp. Truly amazing feat considering this is all our own system.

Choir rehearsing before Swami’s talkWe set up and tested the connection on Thursday then again first thing Friday morninge while the choir rehearsed.

View from where I sitWe are capturing the feed off of a High Definition camera which is used for recording Swami’s talks during his summer visit. The feed gets encoded on a little laptop sitting next to the camera and uploaded via DSL line to our streaming servers in Canada for rebroadcast. You can tune in here to view during live broadcasts or watch them later on our website.

Watching Swami’s Talk from IndiaWe hope to broadcast Sunday services this summer when conducted by Swami Kriyananda. This Sunday (June 23) will be the first.

Schedule of future live telecasts may be found here. We hope you will join us.–Om