September 21, 2001 was a day unanimously adopted by the UN as an international day of peace. Ananda Village joined in spirit with people the world over by dedicating our prayers and positive affirmation toward world peace.pray-for-peace.jpg
pray-for-peace-11.jpgWe supported Peace Day by filling our day with prayer, meditation, focused healing energy and joyful chanting.

The day began with Lisa Powers leading our morning community meditation at Hansa Temple. She concluded the meditation by leading us in a profound visualization and prayer for peace and harmony throughout the world.
pray-for-peace-10.jpgMary Kretzmann, the director of Ananda’s Healing Prayer Ministry led a healing prayer intensive and meditation to a small group at The Expanding Light Temple. Mary taught Paramhansa Yogananda’s healing techniques then led visualizations using maps and globes of our planet to help focus our prayer intensity and direct it to different areas of the world. It was a very powerful session.
The evening program at Crystal Hermitage was a very special event. Our teenage kirtan group, White Light, led a very inspiring kirtan (chanting session) which was attended by many members of Ananda Village. Several members of the group took turns leading the chanting. It was wonderful to see these young people with such poise lead us all in an evening of devotional chanting.
I am in the Chicago (where my husband Dave is attending a conference) We walked around Chicago on Sunday and I noticed on a church bulletin board a sign encouraging people to attend their Peace Day observance held on the same day. I was reminded that all over the world there are many, many people who pray and believe that through prayer we can have a positive affect on our planet.
It is sometimes easy to be fearful or discouraged when the evening news is filled with the reports of war and violence. It is those times we should try to very consciously offer ourselves into the light of God and see that light spreading throughout the world.

The Healing Prayer Ministry shares the techniques given to us by Yogananda to bring healing energy into the lives of our loved ones, and to bring light more strongly into the world. By consciously tuning into this light and try to feel it strongly in our lives we will be comforted and be part of a wave of peace.