The Eight Aspects of God

The attributes or aspects of God are basically eight: Peace, Joy, Light, Calmness, Sound, Love, Power and Wisdom. True meditation is a state of intense awareness, being absorbed in an actual experience of God in one of His attributes.

The practice of meditation is different, however, from the actual experience of meditation as a state of being.

To experience God in His various attributes, we practice those things that will help lift us up into attunement with God’s higher consciousness.

-Swami Kriyananda, “Attuning to the Eight Aspects of God

How to Play the Game of Eight

Simply choose an aspect of God you would like to cultivate or experience, or pick one you feel drawn to. Meditate on that divine aspect, visualize it, pray about it, and remember it throughout the day.  See it in others, breathe with it, feel it, experience it as a living reality within your being. At each day’s end take a few moments to note your victories or challenges and, with a grateful heart, offer it all back to God. Write a brief inspiration or reflection about your experience with the Game of Eight.

Download the digital Game of Eight card deck here.

Watch this recorded satsang, to hear Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi’s enriching insights, inspiration, and visualizations from playing the Game of Eight:

The Game of Eight

Nayaswami Jyotish found that the game “allows us to be proactive with the qualities of God, using them as a tool to respond positively to the world or environment around us and to stay in that state.”

Nayaswami Devi comments that, “It felt like a blessing was radiating out to the world through our satsang together.”

Thank you for being a divine channel on this earth.

Recommended Reading and Viewing:

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    I am visiting my grandchildren in May. I would love to give them the game of 8 cards that Devi shared in the video. How can we obtain them? Thank you for your inspiring creative way of sharing the light!

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