Recently, Jyotish and Devi Novak, the Spiritual Directors for Ananda, were with Swami Kriyananda in India. They said in a recent gathering with many of us:

One morning, when we were with Swamiji in India, we asked him how we could grow towards God more quickly. He replied very simply, “The whole secret of spiritual progress is to transcend the ego. This is best done by longer and deeper meditation, and by seeing God as the Doer in all our actions.”

As a result, we began daily all community meditations on weekdays in our Mandir (called “Hansa Mandir,” where we hold Sunday Services). Sraddha, my wife, and I had been discussing our interest in more group meditations, so we commited to attending daily. I wondered if I could do it every day, but then realized I only had to make one decision, and not five decisions every week.

That decision was to just do it, as this was a priority. Sometimes I have commitments the night before, but I know I will wake up early enough to be there. Sometimes I might have to leave a little early for work. Some folks come earlier and some stay later.

I have to say that already it has been a blessing to come together with many of our neighbors to meditate every day, and I really look forward to it. We don’t socialize, just pray, chant and meditate. Sometimes, as we depart, there is eye contact and a recognition of the higher Self in each other; and always, a deeper connection inside with the Divine.

I am glad I have made this community meditation a priority.