Last month I had the honor to be the audio engineer during Swami Kriyananda’s recording of the Revelations of Christ audio book.

To hear him read the book, which he calls his best-written, was an experience in eloquence. The book covers subjects of science and Christianity that so badly need to be addressed in our times.

I wanted to share with you a glimpse of the recording process. Every morning Swamiji would come in promptly at 10:00, overflowing with energy and enthusiasm, ready to begin. He would sit in the small, stuffy recording booth, and read hour after hour with such inflection and feeling that each word of the book was truly brought to life.

If any of you have trouble recording phone greeting messages, or have ever had to record anything, you know how difficult it can be to read all the words correctly and give them the right inflection and emphasis.

Now imagine doing so with sight impediment! Swamiji at 81, had a lack of focus in one eye during the sessions (which has since been remedied). You would think that with his eye condition, a book of some 450 pages would take weeks to record. He finished it in about 4 and a half days!

If you have ever been in his presence, you know how much energy he can channel. It can be quite a challenge to keep up with him. Often during these sessions I would wonder how long I could continue – you really notice how badly some chairs are designed, when you are sitting in one hour after hour without moving!

I was amazed at how Swamiji would continue working without needing to stop. Thankfully, I discovered that I too could tap into the flow of energy that sustained him, which gave me a glimpse of what he himself must be feeling.

Whenever we are challenged by others to put out more energy (as I’ve encountered in countless orchestra rehearsals with emblazoned conductors), we always have the opportunity to say yes! It may be challenging to those of us who are quite comfortable in our easy chairs of life, but what a thrill it is to fly with Divine Energy.

Swamiji would stop after perhaps 3 hours of recording. He would show no exhaustion, but was filled with the energy and consciousness that permeate the book. Those of us who were in the studio could testify to the power of something much greater taking place, than merely the words being vocalized.

My hope is that after reading this post you will feel inspired to read the book, or listen to it. MP3 CDs are available now through Crystal Clarity Publishers, and will soon be available through iTunes.