1.jpgLast week I had the pleasure of being commissioned to photograph the Music Ministry staff: David Eby, Jeanne Tschantz and Romesha and Bhagavati Nani. They are the core of a very large group of people who love to sing here at Ananda.

2.jpgI had the four them all to myself for over two hours as we took various photos that included single portraits, group portraits, and portraits of each of them with their instruments.

3.jpgOur “studio” was the Crystal Hermitage dome; a place of beauty and deep spiritual vibrations. As a photographer, I am ever pleased with the wonderful light at Crystal Hermitage; inside and out.

4.jpgThe goal was to create photos the musicians could use in promotions for their concert series here at Ananda Village. (You can read about the most recent concert in David’s blog.)

5.jpgThe process of getting those photos was fun and inspiring. As a group they are beautifully harmonious and kind. If you have ever heard them play music you know how talented they are.

6.jpgBut beyond talent, they play with a purity of heart that helps one to feel the high consciousness that Swami Kriyananda must have felt putting the music to paper. Swamiji said these songs are not his but were given to him and we get to share in his gift and inspiration when we listen to them.

7.jpgYou can hear these wonderful musicians and the World Brotherhood Choir play at many community events including Sunday Service and at The Expanding Light during the many inspiring events held there. There are a number of CDs and MP3s that make the music accessible to everyone.

8.jpgLife can be very challenging, in fact at times it feels like it can weigh you down. But I have found that the music I listen to makes a huge difference in how I feel about life and its challenges.

One of the easiest but very powerful things I can do for myself when experiencing life is listen to Swami’s music and try to live attuned to that higher vibration and inspiration that he brought to us through music.

Our situations or challenges may still be happening but inside there is a more light and a quiet sense of strength and joy.

9.jpgI have “Ananda music” on my iPod and take it everywhere. I hope you enjoy the photos of these dear souls. And thanks to David, Jeanne, Bhagavati and Ramesha for a fun day!