monday-srw-2007a.jpgYesterday was the first full day of Spiritual Renewal Week of 2007 and Jyotish and Devi Novak gave the most wonderful and profound talks. This years theme is Inner Peace, World Peace. I believe at this moment my husband, Dave, is converting and uploading today’s talk to our website. I think when you listen to them you will agree with me that these two talks are very important and timely.
I am posting only a few photos from today’s talk. To me, Jyotish and Devi’s beautiful and insightful words are reflected in our lovely surroundings. I could tell that everyone in attendance today felt as inspired as I did. We all left knowing that what we do to raise our consciousness will have an impact on the world. I will let my blogging buddies share with you more of the content of the talks and of course, the recordings will be available very soon.
I hope you enjoy the photographs. It is a beautiful day here at Ananda Village. It is warm, but the angle of the sun and the gentle breezes tell me that Fall is just around the corner. To me, the light was very beautiful at The Expanding Light amphitheater which added to the wondrous quality of the morning. There was nice contrast between the green trees and the brown grass, there are many blooming lilies and lotuses on the lake and the altar was lovely and colorful.

There will be more to come! God Bless you all.
And thank you Jyotish and Devi for an incredible beginning to our 38th Spiritual Renewal Week.