Swami arriving with Sri Kaarthikeyan

Spiritual Renewal Week 2008 is here!


Ananda Choir singing to an audience of 400+

400+ beautiful people came to The Expanding Light amphitheater on this warm August Day to hear Swami Kriyananda give a talk entitled “World Brotherhood Colonies: Social Pattern for Dwapara Yuga”
It was a great talk, it went out live on the web and will also be available to watch soon as an online video. Dave is preparing to upload the video very soon and will then it will be linked to


Sri Kaarthikeyan introducing Swami Kriyananda

This week will honor the 40th anniversary of Ananda. 40 years! When I look around at the great souls who have been part of Ananda’s history for almost the whole forty years I feel such gratitude for their enduring faith, kindness, self-sacrifice and their example of discipleship.


Swami Kriyananda speaking at the Monday morning class at Spiriitual Renewal Week 2008

I am honored to be in their company. This week many of those great souls will be speaking (their talks will also be recorded and uploaded). I will share with you photos of all those talks and the other inspiring events scheduled for this week.

I will try to blog often.
There is alot of joy here. But, I want to say that I am inspired to know how many people are tuning into this event from their homes around the world. You are watching the videos, reading the blogs, watching the updates on I feel your presence, your joy and your dedication to bring light into this world and to tune into the guidance and bliss of our guru Paramhansa Yogananda.

God bless you all!

From Barbara at Ananda Village