celebration11.jpgWhat a beautiful day! The newly refurbished amphitheater was all decked out with flowers, flags and a new and larger shade cloth. The seats were filled to capacity. Swami’s talk was deep and inspiring. Who could ask for more?

Wow. Friday (yesterday) was a big day at Ananda and The Expanding Light. It was beautiful to see friends, new and old, from all over the world here to celebrate Swami Kriyananda’s birthday. Actually, his birthday was last month (May 19th), but we wanted to celebrate with him here. The choir, composed of singers from all the colonies, sang for us all so wonderfully.

I won’t say much in this post. I want to share photos from yesterday. Be sure to check out the streaming video and the live feed schedule and see these events for yourself. Swamiji’s talk in the morning was so inspiring and his play, Jewel in the Lotus, performed in the evening, in my opinion, is perfectly written. I love the humor and how it portrays our longing for God, at all levels.

Today, will be a class with a panel of speakers, this afternoon we will be at Crystal Hermitage for an open house. Dave, my husband, will video both these events, so if you can’t watch the live feed you can stream the video later. I love knowing that we are all connected (in spirit and technology) and can share in the blessings of this special weekend.

Blessings to you all, from Ananda Village!
In Joy, Barbara