What a fantastic weekend. teachers-panel-18.jpgI hardly have words to describe the joyful gatherings at The Expanding Light and at the Crystal Hermitage.
On Saturday morning there was a panel of speakers: Jyotish from the village, Dhyana from India, Hriman from Seattle, Asha from Palo Alto and Devi from the village. The insights about and experiences with Swami Kriyananda that were shared were inspiring indeed. I realized again that Swami has not only given his life to God he gave it to us.
Listening to the stories about his dedication to spreading Yoganada’s light throughout the world and to his dedication to establishing world brotherhood colonies filled me with awe. He is our divine friend.
The video will be up for you to listen to soon.

The afternoon was also very special. Hundreds of people filled the Crystal Hermitage lower gardens. Swamiji spoke briefly in the Crystal Hermitage dome and then came outside (in the heat) to deliver a very beautiful talk.

Just before Swami came outside there was a brief little thunderstorm, we didn’t really get any rain but the electricity was knocked out. He had to speak without a microphone. He spoke strongly and everyone there was able to hear him. The choir and orchestra provided beautiful music and Swamiji sang 3 songs! There was yummy cake and great satsang. Swamiji for a brief time blessed people who came up to him.

I hope you enjoy the photos from this beautiful day. (I will post photos from Sunday Service separately.)