pa-community-celebration-69.jpgpa-community-celebration-2.jpgpa-community-celebration-10.jpgpa-community-celebration-42a.jpgpa-community-celebration-49a.jpgpa-community-celebration-52.jpgpa-community-celebration-56a.jpgpa-celebration-pano.jpgpa-community-celebration-106a.jpgpa-community-celebration-174a.jpgAll the shining souls in our Ananda family from the Palo Alto area deserve a standing ovation for their tireless and joyful hosting of 3 days of wonderful events.

It was truly inspiring to see our dear friends in action and share in these amazing events. Instead of looking and tired and relieved to have survived all these events everyone looked energized and ready for more.

Here is a short re-cap: Friday was the incredible presentation of Christ Lives – an oratorio composed by Swami Kriyananda and performed by Swamiji and a 92 person World Brotherhood choir. The singers have grown in their skills and shared this sacred music with great devotion and feeling. Dave is working on uploading some selections for you to enjoy.

Saturday was a moving talk by Swamiji about how to find true happiness in this world. He said that this is an unsettled world and very likely to become more so, but that a deep attunement with God and Guru and a very clear connection to our divine center will bring us unshakable peace. It is the only place way we will find lasting joy. We will not find it in things, people, or circumstance—we will only find it in God.

Sunday the Palo Alto community hosted a lovely open house to celebrate Swamiji and Ananda’s 40th anniversary. It was very well attended—500 people at least. About 150-170 new people went on tours of the community. Everyone enjoyed yummy food and beverages, great company—it was very much like a reunion—and another great talk by Swamiji. Click here if you would like to listen to the talks.

There were also booths so people visiting could find out about the different aspects of Ananda’s work. There was a booth devoted to Ananda Music, Ananda schools, Community, Crystal Clarity publishing. There was a booth that shared information about Kriya Yoga and The Expanding Light Retreat. It was fun and colorful. The photos I am sharing with you are a hodge-podge from the day.

In this talk, Swamiji encouraged us to never give up our quest for the Divine and never identify with our mistakes. To our best ability we want to make right changes and choices in our life; choices that support our inner growth and spirituality, but never be discouraged if we temporarily falter. He said that spiritual community is very helpful to us on the path. And being connected with others on the path helps when things get difficult. I think of all our meditation groups and people who listen to Sunday Service and Swamiji’s talks on the web feel a connection through the air waves.

Swamiji walked through the gathering of people both before and after the talk. He gave people such wonderful energy. Everyone around looked radiant and so did he. People gathered around him for blessing and he seemed to have something sweet to say to everyone.

Right now I am in Los Angeles preparing for Swamiji’s visit here. There is a fundraising event Friday, Saturday there is a talk and Sunday an open house at the LA Center. God willing I will have photos for you!

For more photos from the Palo Alto events click here.

Blessings to you all.