Every human being is capable of three different levels of consciousness or awareness. These are the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious. The subconscious level is the lowest, the state at which animals generally think. The next is the conscious, where we use our analytical minds.

The highest state is the superconcious, where we are connected with the Divine. In this blog post I will describe each of these in more detail and give some tips for tapping into the superconscious and aligning the subconscious to your will. I will also talk about how to distinguish a subconscious state from a superconscious one, as this is difficult for many people. sleeping

The subconscious is the lowest level of awareness. It carries every thought and emotion you have ever had, whether you remember it or not, as well as information that your senses take in without you ever being consciously aware of them. When you dream or do something out of habit, you are acting on your subconscious. In some ways the subconscious can mimic the superconscious level because neither of them base their actions on logic.

However, the subconscious bases its actions on your habits, desires, and forgotten memories, which makes its decisions very unreliable, whereas the superconscious bases its actions on Divine guidance.

consciousWhen you analyze a situation using reason and information gathered from your senses, knowledge, and other people, you are in the conscious level of awareness. This is the level scientists are in when they are conducting and analyzing experiments.

Most human beings spend the majority of their time in the subconscious, only switching to the conscious mind when they encounter a new situation that cannot be resolved with a habit. This can make it very difficult to change your daily routine and add in new habits like meditation or eating healthier food. To do that, you need to get your subconscious mind working with you rather than against you. A great way to do this is by practicing affirmations. superconsious

The superconscious level is a state of awareness rarely achieved by human beings, although it is possible. This is a state where we rise above reason and connect with our Divine nature. We can see the connections between everything and consequences of each decision. When we receive thoughts and ideas from this state, from our Divine awareness, we call it “intuition.”

Be careful, though. Subconscious ideas can often be mistaken for intuition. Albert Einstein said that he discovered Relativity in an intuitive flash. Then he spent years trying to make sense of it on a conscious level so that it could be a valid scientific theory. This is the reason why scientists have not yet discovered the secrets of the universe. They handicap themselves by only thinking on a conscious level, which cuts them off from the flow of intuition that they would get at a superconscious level.

So how do we avoid that mistake and let ourselves receive insight from the superconscious? Well, meditating is one way. When we meditate properly we forget our surroundings and sense of self, which draws us into inner awareness and superconsciousness. However, when you are meditating it’s easy to slip into subsciousness instead. A good way to tell the difference is to see how you feel.

Are you sleepy? Is your mind wandering aimlessly? These are sure signs that you are in the subconscious state. But if you feel awake and alert (but calm), and are able to concentrate single-mindedly upon a meditation technique, then you are entering the superconcious.

Another way to get into the superconscious state is to focus at the point between your eyebrows. Do this as much as possible, especially when meditating. Even if it doesn’t immediately take you into superconsciousness, over time it will slowly raise your state of awareness until being in the superconscious feels completely natural.

If you are faced with a tough decision, here is a quick technique you can try which will help you to receive intuitive guidance. Calm yourself as you normally would when beginning a meditation. If you don’t know how to meditate, here is a simple one you can try.

Once you are calm and centered, focus your attention at the point between your eyebrows. While focusing there, ask a question like, “What should I do about…” Then focus on your heart center, which is near the physical heart but in the center of your body. It is easier to receive answers when focusing here. Try to feel what the right answer is.

If there is no clear answer, try running through different options in your mind. As you focus on each one, pay attention to how each possibility feels. If you feel restless or excited then it is probably not the best option.

However, if one option makes you feel calm and centered, then that is the one to go with. If you still can’t get a clear response, just go with whichever one makes the most sense consciously and repeat this technique often until you get a response.

Don’t be discouraged if you find it difficult to enter the superconscious state. This is the goal of meditation and most people don’t even try. It may take time, but with regular effort it will become easier and easier until superconsciousness is your natural state of awareness.


  1. Great explanation,
    thank you!!
    however I still have a question.
    Is Super consciousness and Universal consciousness same thing?

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