The Courage to Act

Living by intuition deepens our spiritual life tremendously, but to do so takes more courage than one might think.

The Quiet Saint — George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver, one of the best-known African-Americans of his era, was a brilliant scientist and educator, a major force for the upliftment of the black race, and an innovator in the field of agricultural biochemistry.

“Death is Joy!”

“Celebrate!” those were Bella’s last words to her husband and sister before she passed away.


The situation was getting more desperate every day. The entire neighborhood crawled out of bed every morning more tired than the day before.

Overcoming Fear Through Cancer

I still remember the day my surgeon called. He said, “It’s breast cancer, the lumpectomy didn’t remove all of the cancer.”

Letters of Encouragement

Yogananda once told us, “I see all of you as images of light. Everything — these trees, bushes, the grass you are standing on — all are made of that light. You have no idea how beautiful everything is!”

Letters to Truth Seekers

Wherever Master saw the slightest hope, he encouraged people in the paths of righteousness. He never judged them.