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World Brotherhood Colonies: the Divine Mission

Ananda Minister

Jyotish Novak

In this new age of energy, all aspects of our life – family, home, job, church – should be integrated into our spiritual search.

–Jyotish Novak

Hriman McGilloway

Ananda communities exist to provide an inspiration for, and a working model of the integration of our inner and outer lives.

–Hriman McGilloway

Asha Praver

We must be careful to ensure at all times that our energy is in charge of matter, and that matter is not in charge of our energy.

–Asha Praver

Ananta McSweeney

The communities movement is not about creating a utopian place on earth. It is about attaining Self-realization.

–Ananda McSweeney

Devi Novak

At this point Ananda is like an undifferentiated stem cell, which has unlimited potential. In time, it will provide a template for building World Brotherhood Colonies specializing in science, education, arts, sustainable living, healing… to name a few.

–Devi Novak

Ananda’s Spiritual Work

Class with Swami Kriyananda

Living in community will help you to develop divine magnetism. You can see people’s consciousness changing in a matter of weeks, once they move here (to Ananda).

–Swami Kriyananda