123. O Divine Hart, I Will Hunt for Thee in the Forest of My Soul

O Divine Hart, I ran after Thee, equipped with spears of selfish desires. Thou didst fly! I raced after Thee in the plane of loud prayer. It crashed to the earth of my restlessness, and the noise frightened Thee away from me! Stealthily I crept upon Thee with the dart of my concentration. But my hand shook with unsteadiness, and Thou didst bound from me, and Thy feet echoed—“Without devotion thou art a poor, poor marksman!” With firmness of devotion, as I held the dart of meditation, I heard Thy divine steps resound again—“I am beyond thy mental dart; I am beyond!” At last in despair, I entered the cave of celestial love and, lo! Thou, the Divine Hart, camest willingly within.


124. Make Me the Drops of Sympathy in Tearful Eyes