147. Demand Not to Be Enslaved by the Ego or by Passivity

I want to use my own will; but lead it, O Father, for use in the golden paradise of all fulfillment. For I would be infinitude’s happy child, knowing that Thou hast not limited me behind the prison bars of fruitless desire and withered hope.

I would break the shameful cords of lethargy, and step forth in fearless freedom, to blaze my way through forests of limitations and delusions.

O! My little, vain ego may strut in pride, saying: “Behold my glory! Worship me!” But I will look beyond its shadowy form and see the unimaginable beauty of Another Form. The silence-tuned ears of my soul shall ignore the tiny, boasting masquerader, impersonating Thee, and listen in rapture to the wind-winged, fragrant music of Thine own matchless voice, whispering across the ages: “I am He!”


148. I Offer Thee a Garland of Devotion