164. Slip Thy Dewdrop in Thy Pool, Not to Lose Itself, But to Enlarge Itself

Teach me to be like Thy love-enchanted dewdrop, sliding over the lotus-leaf of seductive sense-lures to Thy glistening waters of wisdom. I am Thine immortal dewdrop, playing o’er the leaf of present-past-future.

I oiled the track of my mind with wise restraint, so that the thirsty pores of temptation might not drink my strength.

I am Thy prodigal dewdrop quivering on the hollow, trembling leaf of life and death, which floats in Thy shoreless sea. I am Thy truant dewdrop, homeward bound at last.

After this dance of rhythm, after the rising footsteps of birth, and the falling footsteps of the symphony of death, I will slide into Thy sea.

I do not want to lose myself — only Thy tiny dewdrop craves, by Thy contact, to be a larger dewdrop of eternity.

I will be a rainbow-hued, omnipresent dewdrop, imbibed by all God-thirsty lips.


165. The Fire of My Ambition and All My Rainbow-dreams, Are for Thee