Teach me to be a dewdrop enchanted with divine love, slipping unaffected down the lotus‐leaf of seductive sense‐lures to Thy glistening waters of wisdom. I am Thy immortal dewdrop, sliding freely and not adhering to the leaves of past, present, and future lives.

I smoothed the slopes of my mind with wise restraint, that the thirsty pores of temptation might absorb none of my strength.

I am Thy prodigal dewdrop, quivering in the hollows of life and death, waiting to slip down when it can to Thy shoreless sea.

Though long truant, I, Thy tiny dewdrop, am homeward bound however long the journey take.
After this rhythmic dance of life, rising with birth, and sinking with the downbeat of death, I will refresh myself at last in Thy unmoving sea.

I do not want to lose myself. Thy tiny dewdrop craves only, by merging in Thee, to feel that I am one with all the other drops in Thy ocean.

I will be a rainbow‐hued dewdrop, one with Thy omnipresence, and yet, in my omniscience, aware of my former dewdrop existence. I pray that all God‐thirsty souls will come and drink from the Great Source of all our lives.


165. The Fire of My Ambition and All My Rainbow-dreams, Are for Thee