I come to Thee with the song of my smiles. Whatever treasures have lain in the secrecy of my soul, I bring eagerly to Thee. I bring Thee all the honey from the hive of my heart. All that was ever mine is now Thine alone.

The sunlight of this world, shining upon my eager hopes and brief, fickle fulfillments, burned me repeatedly with dissatisfaction. Now I will quench my thirst forever in Thy radiant waters!

The taper of my aspiration toward happiness will burst aflame with Thy coming into a conflagration of bliss.

In Thy vast, enchanting sea of light I will swim joyfully forever. Teach me to drown in Thee and live, rather than live in a mirage paradise of earthliness and die.


171. I Want to Pour the Scent of Gratefulness at Thy Feet