176. We Are Thy Burned Children, Wailing for Thy Help

The fascinating fire of false red pleasures attracted Thy children to play with it.

Thy silent voice warned them of the scorching, burning power of these desecrating flames. But eagerly they rushed, and tried to seize the flames of temporal exhilarations. Some plunged greedy hands into the devouring blaze, and their fingers of ambition became badly scorched. And then, their wounds of dissatisfaction and satiety brought wails from them for Thee and Thy help.

O Patient Physician, Thou art ever-near with Thy never-failing unguent of forgiveness and love. O, teach us to heed Thy warning voice, that we may give to Thee our joyous song, instead of helpless wails, as we writhe in unnecessary pain.

We are Thy heedless children, and the playthings of the world allure us. Teach us to play only with the divine flames of Thy Spirit.


177. I Want to Merge in the Vastness of Thy Presence