185. I Will Hop from Eternity to Eternity

My golden-gossamer astral body, shining with a spark of immortality, hopped from one blade of existence to another.

Thou hast clothed barren eternity with grass-leaves of man-colored cycles. I will hop to them all, one by one, and I will jump gaily from one pleasure-blade to another, until I rest on the safe hand of Thine assurance. With the living threads of Thy beauty my winsome wings were woven. I will escape from every audacious touch of blasphemous change trying to hold me, until I reach Thine empire of changelessness.

On slow camels of cosmic evolution’s lives, and across deserts of deaths, this gossamer body of life has passed from planet to planet, to find at last Thy velvet-soft cushion of revelation.


186. I Want to Be Thy Cleansed Bird of Paradise