193. Teach Me to See Thine Omnipresent Spirit Suffering in the Sick

Teach me to feel that, but for the right use of Thy grace and wisdom, I might have been lame, leprous or blind; and, no matter if I deserved to be lame or blind, I would earnestly crave to be healed.

So do Thou make me feel, whenever I see halt or sorrow-shattered men, that it is Thine Omnipresent Spirit suffering in those forms; and teach me to install in them the health and peace resting in my dwelling of flesh.

Teach me to sympathize with others’ cries, wants and sufferings, that I may fight to free them, even as I would fight to free myself.

Craving, struggling, weeping, and smiling for all, may I at last find Myself in all.


194. In the Whisper-Sobs of My Mind I Heard Thy Magic Voice