195. I Will Be Thine Always

I may go far, farther than the farthest star, but I will be Thine always! Devotees may come, devotees may go, but I will be Thine always.

I may bound over the billows of many lives, forlorn beneath the skies of loneliness, but I will be Thine always.

The world may leave Thee, while engrossed with Thy playthings, but I will be Thine always. Thou mayest take everything away that Thou gavest me, but I will be Thine always.

Death, disease, and trials may riddle and rend me, and yet, while the embers of memory shall flicker, look into my dying eyes and they will mutely say, “I will be Thine always.”

My voice may become feeble, fail and forsake me, and yet, with the silent, bursting voice of my soul, I will whisper to Thee, “I am Thine always!”


196. I Baptize Myself in the Sacred Waters of My Tern of Love for Thee