197. Mayest Thou Reinforce Our Blended Prayers

The streamlets of our prayers, rushing out together from our hearts, are joined in one mighty flow. These wide and deep-flooded rivers of our prayers are moving swiftly in search of Thine oceanic presence. Our flood is breaking through embankments of indifference, intoxicating human habits, and world-delusions. Our flood is rushing through sands of human oblivion, and is bounding through vast tracts of trials and life-experiences. Yet Thy shores seem far off, and our thirsty flood is impatiently, yet doggedly, seeking Thy shining vastness.

Pour, Thou, the unceasing raindrops of Thy mercy. Reinforce our flood of prayers, and race it triumphantly to Thine ever-waiting shores!


198. Rock Me to Sleep On Thy Bosom of Peace