In bursts of Thy blue, dancing brine my spirit bounds joyfully toward Thy shores of eternal calmness. Abandoned, now, those discouraging lowland vapors and the self‐clouded aloofness of proud mountains. The salty fragrance of Thy vast sea fills my lungs, and invigorates my body with fresh strength.

Oh! what volumes of vital life now flow through my veins with the ocean breezes! Seeking Thine endless, calm shore by the heaving ocean of Thy Creation, I know Thee as Perfection beyond even dreams of paradise! In Thy blue brine I will drink dynamic health for my body, vigor and concentration for my mind, and ever‐thrilling joy for my soul. As Thou hast joined at the horizon line the deep ocean of outer experience with the soaring blue sky of superconsciousness, so hast Thou joined the troubled waters of our earthly lives to the soaring vastness of Thy overarching Spirit.


203. Save Us from Religious Bigotry