213. With the Torch of Our Devotion, Blaze Our Dark Indifference

Divine Mother, let all the slaps of our trials wring from us only the one cry for Thy love. Transmute our trial-born wails into unceasing cries for Thee.

O Divine Mother, teach the voice of our pain to sing only Thy soothing songs of joy. Melt our pride in the furnace of Thy purifying flames, and transmute it into the pure gold of humbleness.

Divine Mother, shatter the small hamlet of our selfishness, in which lie huddled all the urchins of ignorance, and build Thy temple of omnipresence for Thy votaries of devotion, reverence, soul-love, to find sanctuary there and to worship Thee with songs of heart-whispers.

In the golden temple of Thy whispers, they will offer to Thee their ever-fragrant frankincense of unceasing soul-chants.

O Divine Mother, we lay at Thy feet all the new-grown, fresh-cut flowers of our eager devotion.

Divine Mother, place Thine omnipresence on the little altar of our united hearts.

Divine Mother, be Thou the only love of our souls.

Divine Mother, ignite our earthliness with the flame of infinity. With the torch of our devotion, blaze our dark indifference, our restlessness and our ignorance.

Inflame our minds with Thy thoughts! Inflame our hearts with Thy love! Inflame our souls with Thy joy!


214. The Rocket of My Love