A million salutations at Thy petaled feet, O Lotus of Light! I pour out my heart’s love before Thee. I pour out my whole being. I offer all the fragrant musk of my soul at Thy feet of omnipresence.

O precious, Blessed One, pipe the song of Thy bliss in the dark bower of my heart. I am Thy very own! Ever shall I be Thy own! I will laugh at all dangers, for Thy protecting love fills the golden chalice of my constant remembrance of Thee.

I cast every earthly passion and pleasure into Thy sacrificial fire as an oblation of my devotion to Thee. In Thy blessed light I will illuminate all shadows, and expose as illusory my imaginary fears.

In Thy radiant light I will remain awake forever, entranced by Thy thrilling, omnipresent bliss‐smile through all eternity.

May Thy love shine forever on the sanctuary of my devotion, and may I be able to awaken Thy love in all hearts.

Oh, make my soul Thy temple! Make my heart Thine altar! And make my love Thy home!


216. The Imprisoned Bird of Omnipresence Was Released