23. Prayer-Demand for Removing the Cork of Ignorance

No more shall my consciousness remain bottled in this phial of flesh, corked with ignorance. No more will I remain moving through the sea of cosmic consciousness, night and day, years, incarnations — so close, yet without contacting the sea. Through the bursting vibration of cosmic sound, and the surging of Thy holy name, I have removed the cork of ignorance, which so long separated Thee from me, though living so near. Now my consciousness within the body will meet the all-pervading consciousness without. No longer will I thoughtlessly walk in Thee, knowing and feeling Thee not. Thine image within shall meet Thine image which is everywhere. By releasing the “I-ness” in me, I know that I am Thou, and that it is Thou who art the little egos of all.


24. My Guru