29. Come to Me as Mohammed

O Mohammed, thou flaming Son of God! In the bright luster of thy martial, celestial song, many have found solace in activity for their chivalrous souls, eager to rescue dame knowledge from the tyrant of darkness.

None but the divine warrior wins in battle between strong peace and weak lust-pleasure, so thy soldiers have dipped their rapiers of shining good into the poison hearts of evil and ebbed their lives away.

Mohammed, iconoclast of soul-shorn symbol-idols, thou didst teach the worship of the One Formless God, washed clean of all distorting dreams of symbols and forms.

Mohammed, thy voice warned thy fold not to stray in dry pastures of earth sense-lusts, but to browse on the rich harvests of immortal mind.

Thy followers know thou art the mortal enemy of sense-drugging, thought-devastating, God-banishing liquors and opiates. Thou didst teach that the lust for wine is the misguided craving for the real Wine, extracted from the winepress of sincere, regular prayer of Namaz.

Mohammed, thy lighthouse, the Koran, hath guided many stray soul-ships safely around the submerged rocks of sin and led them safely to His shore.

Thou didst teach by occasional fasting, or by dropping the company of gross food, to tempt the Spirit to descend upon the altar of refinement and partake of the nectar of souls.

Mohammed, with the beats of the war-drums of Allah Ho Akbar, or the Almighty, drive away the Satan of “matter-stick-to-itiveness.”

May thy war-songs of spiritual power overcome the forces of frailty and limitation which invade our hearts.


30. Come to Me as Buddha