32. Prayer-Demand: Make Me Anything: a Christian or a Hindu — Anything to Realize Thee

Let me be Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Mohammedan, or Sufi: I care not what my religion, my race, my creed, or my color be, if only I can win my way to Thee! But let me be none of these, if it enmesh me in labyrinthine ways of religious formalities. Let me travel the royal road of realization which leads to Thee. I care not what bypaths of religion I follow, if at last I can travel by the one highway of common realization, which straightway leads to Thee.

Send the sunshine of Thy wisdom to guide me in the daylight of my dawning powers; and the moon of Thy mercy, if I travel in the dark night of sorrow.


33. Demand to Travel On the One Highway of Realization