Thy astral airplane of parting came to take my soul away from this earth. I wondered through what strange skies I would soar now, and to what lands I would travel.

I asked the mystic Pilot, Cosmic Law, whither I was to go. That Silent One answered soundlessly:

“I am the Pilot of Life, mistakenly called Terrible Death by ignorant earth‐folk. I am thy brother, uplifter, redeemer, friend— unloader of every gross burden of bodily troubles. I have come to fetch thee away from thy valley of broken dreams to the highlands of light, where poisonous vapors of sorrow never rise.

“I have broken mercifully thy cage of flesh‐attachment that thy soul‐bird may escape. I have broken thy chains of disease and fear. Thy long encasement behind bars of bones accustomed thee to thy little cage, making thee cling to it fearfully even when I opened its door. Yet, in thy heart, thou didst want thy freedom always. Why, now, art thou fear-led, having won thy long‐craved freedom?

“O bird of paradise! hop into My plane of omnipresence! Fold now thy fluttering wings and ride with Me peacefully, anywhere, everywhere in thine ethereal home!”


45. Come Into the Garden of My Dreams