46. Let Me Feel That Thou and I Art One

When the sparks of cosmic creation flew from Thy bosom of flame, I sang in the chorus of singing lights which heralded the coming of the worlds. I am a spark of Thy cosmic fire. Thou sun of life, as Thou didst peep into the mortal cups of mind, filled with molten liquid of vital sparks, Thou wert caught within the golden smallness of human feelings.

In each fragile, oscillating mirror of flesh, I see the restless dance of Thine omnipresent power. In the quivering lake of life, I behold Thine almighty life.

Christlike, teach me by the command of concentration to stop the storms of restless desires raging over the limpid lake of my mind. In the still lake of my soul, I love to behold Thine unruffled face of stillness. Break the boundaries of the little wave of my life, that Thy vastness may spread over me.

Make me feel that my heart is throbbing in Thy breast, and that Thou art walking through my feet, breathing through my breath, wielding my arms of activity, and weaving thoughts in my brain. Thy sleeping sighs wake when my sighs cry. Through Thy playfulness, the bubbles of Thy visions of creation float in the chamber of my delusive sleep.

It is Thy meteoric will which courses through the skies of my will. Make me feel that it is Thou who hast become I. O, make me Thyself, that I may behold the little bubble of me, floating in Thee!


47. Rock Me in the Cradle of All Space