When the sparks of cosmic creation flew from under Thy crucible of love, I danced with all the lights that heralded the coming of a myriad worlds. I am a little spark of Thy joyous, cosmic fire. O Thou sun of life! as Thy nectar poured into the little cups of human minds filled with molten liquid of vital sparks, they thought to contain Thy golden infinity in the smallness of their human feelings.

In each fragile, undulating mirror of human flesh I see reflected Thy restless dance of omnipresent power. In the lambent waters of life I behold Thy ever‐steady, almighty life.

Teach me, Christlike, by the power of concentration to still the restless storms of desire raging on the lake of my mind. Stilling those waters, I lovingly behold Thy unruffled face of cosmic stillness. Cause the little wave of my life to subside, that Thy consciousness in me spread out to become Thine own vastness.

Let me feel my heart throbbing in Thy breast, my feet moving with Thy energy, Thy breath breathing through mine, Thy energy actively moving my arms, Thy thoughts weaving all the thoughts in my brain. When I cry, Thy soft sigh within me wakens me to Thy joy. In Thy playfulness, little bubble‐visions of Thy creation oat dancingly in the chamber of my dreams, which manifest in my sleep of delusion.

Thy meteoric will courses through the skies of my own will power. Make me feel that it is Thou who art I. Oh make me Thyself, that I behold my little bubble of self ever floating in Thee!


47. Rock Me in the Cradle of All Space