May the Niagara Falls of my heart’s joy pour unceasingly upon all I meet. May that flooding power drown their difficulties. Let their melancholia then be calmed to contentment by moonbeams of my bliss.
Oh! I will be a tornado of laughter, lifting up and destroying superstructures of sorrow, sweeping over endless miles of suffering egos. I will churn up and blow away the troubles from all hearts!

In lightning-ashes of my mirth I will swiftly expose to view the panorama of Thy beauty, so long obscured in the nocturnal darkness of unseeing, uncaring minds.

Bless me, that by a single shaft of my light the gathering gloom of ages, nurtured in the dark corners of human minds, be put to flight. Through Thy grace, even one sudden ash of wisdom will dispel the accumulations of dark error, though it lasted countless millions of years.


49. Make Me the Lark of Life, Looking Only for Thy Rain