48. May the Niagara of My Joys Inundate All Hearts

May the Niagara Falls of the joys from my heart gush unceasingly over those whom I meet. May its flooding power sweep away the heavy logs of others’ difficulties. Let all wash their melancholia with the moonbeams of my bliss.

I will be the tornado of laughter, marring the superstructures of sorrow, spread over miles and miles of mentalities. I will churn up and blow away all the troubles of hearts.

In the lightning-flashes of my mirth, I will swiftly bring to view the panorama of Thy beauty, hidden beneath the nocturnal darkness of unseeing minds.

Bless me, that by a single shaft of my light I may put to flight the gathering gloom of ages, nurtured in the dark corners of human minds. Through Thy grace, a little light of sudden wisdom will dispel the accumulated error of a million years.


49. Make Me the Lark of Life, Looking Only for Thy Rain