59. Make Me Remember That Virtuous Ways Are More Charming Than Vicious Ways

Teach me, O Spirit, to discern all laws of virtue not with dread, but with love. Teach me to remember that virtue may be difficult to follow at the start, but that when I obey its laws, it will adorn me finally with the laurel of Thy happiness. Teach me to remember that evil promises a little pleasure in the beginning but always brings great sorrow in the end.

Teach me to love virtuous laws, which exist for my interest and my good, and to shun vicious actions, which react against my interest. Implant in me that habit by which I may always perceive virtuous ways to be more charming than vicious ways.

Help me to remember that virtue, though bitter of taste in the beginning, eventually becomes nectar; and evil is that which tastes sweet in the beginning, but always acts as poison in the end.


60. I Will Broadcast My Voice with the Chorus of Thy Songs