71. Flood Me with Thy Omnipresent Love

O Fountain of love, make us feel that our hearts and our love for our dear ones are all flooded by Thine omnipresent love. O Great Source of the rivers of our desires, teach us not to run ourselves dry or lose ourselves in the sands of short-lived sense-satisfactions.

We demand from Thee that the rivers of our cravings pass through all lowlands of humbleness, self-sacrifice and consideration for others; and at last, reinforced by Thee, we demand, O Thou Fountain of Love, that they merge in the ocean of fulfillment in Thee.

Bless us, that the rivulets of all our sympathy, affection and love, lose not themselves in the drought of dreary selfishness.

Let the little, lonely, separately-moving streamlets of our love, coming from Thee, at last merge in the vastness of Thy presence.


72. O Divine Sculptor, Chisel My Life