75. Make Me See That I Am Just Acting in Thy Super-Sense Vitaphone Cosmic Pictures

Beholding the elusive sound-pictures, I am sure this daily-changing drama of turbulent and dancing lives is nothing but a vast dream-vitaphone presentation.

World-tragedies, comedies, paradoxes of life, dreams of birth and death, news of changing facts, are nothing but talking pictures — to keep all our senses and thoughts deluded and entertained.

O Divine Operator, through Thy cosmic-vibratory current, Thou art showing us a new, infinite series of all-talking and all-sensing cosmic motion pictures, every day, just to keep us amused and entertained.

O Magic Operator, Thy cosmic pictures not only can we see and hear, but we can touch, and feel them. Thy visible, true-to-touch, noisy, pseudo-living sound-shadows are daily shown on the screen of our consciousness.

Through Thy grace, I was chosen to play both tragic and comic parts in Thy special super-talkies. It is well that I act my part of sorrow or joy. But, Father, give me a few days of respite, now and then, from my task, that I may retire to the balcony of my introspection, among my thought-audiences, and behold, with a laughing heart, my own tragedies or comedies being enacted.

Teach me to look upon the tragedy-pictures of my own life with a thrilling, interested attitude, so that, at the end of each terribly sad picture, I may exclaim: “Ah, that was a good picture, full of thrills and life. I am pleased to have seen it, for I have learned much from it.”


76. Teach Me to Abhor Flies of Sarcasm, Which Sit On the Wounds of Others