79. Teach Me to Feel That All Men Are My Brothers

O, our One Father, teach me to feel that all men are my brothers. Teach me to love all brother-nations as much as the nation in which I am temporarily placed by Thy grace. Teach me, above all, to love those who love me not. Teach me to see Thy presence in my erring brothers. Teach me to heal ignorance-stricken brothers as eagerly as I yearn to be healed myself.

O Mother Divine, teach me to rejoice not in the segregation or punishment of erring brothers when it becomes unavoidably necessary to punish them in order to protect the weaker ones from their tyranny. Teach me to heal the misguided with Thy kindliness, and my better example.

Teach me to feel that even he who does me mortal injury is my brother, made in Thine image; he is only temporarily in ignorance. Destroy in me the vengeful spirit, the “tit-for-tat” spirit. Teach me to heal my criminal brothers, instead of punishing them. Teach me not to increase their ignorance by my wrong ways and revengefulness. Teach me to make them better by my forgiveness, self-control, determination, wisdom, better example, and prayer, and by Thy love.


80. Demand to Be Freed from Self-Created Evil Habits and Temptations