O our own, One Father, teach me to feel that all men are my brothers. Teach me to love all countries as brother‐nations to my own—as much so as the land to which I am temporarily assigned by karmic law. Teach me above all to love those who love me not. Teach me to see Thy presence in every erring brother. Teach me to heal, as eagerly as I would be healed myself, those brothers who are steeped in ignorance.

O Mother Divine, teach me never to rejoice in the segregation or punishment of an erring brother, even if he needs to be punished to protect from his tyranny those who, otherwise, are defenseless. Teach me to heal with kindness those who are misled, or let me correct them by my good example.

Teach me to feel that even someone who does me mortal injury is my brother, made in Thy image.

His ignorance is only temporary. Destroy in me every trace of vengefulness, including the quick “tit‐for‐tat” spirit. Teach me to try to heal, not to punish, my brothers who resort to crime. Let me not increase their ignorance by a wrong spirit of revenge. Teach me to improve all men by my own example of forgiveness, self‐control, determination to do what is right, wisdom, encouragement toward goodness, and prayer—and, above all, by Thy love.


80. Demand to Be Freed from Self-Created Evil Habits and Temptations