Behold not those sarcastic smiles
Which are conceived in the dark womb of hate. Welcome not those bandit smiles
Which rob people of sincerity.
Wear not the serpent smiles
Which hide their venom
Behind stings of laughter.
Banish the volcanic smiles
Of subterranean wrath.
Bedim not that mirror of thy soul—thy face—
With shades of pitying smiles.
Let no witless, noisy, muscle‐contorting laughter,
Like a boisterous ruffian, echo the emptiness of thy soul.

Let fountains of joy
Gush out from the soil of thy mind,
Spread fine sprays of sensitive smiles in all directions, And send out their vitality to all laugh‐thirsty hearts. Let the lake of thy smiles break its embankment
And flow outward to infinity.
Let smiles fly out gaily from thy heart to the lonely stars, Brightening their twinkles with divine laughter.
Let the flood of thy laughter
Inundate the drought of dry, over‐rational minds, Sweeping away the barriers of cold formality.

Spread thy smiles with the dawn
To banish all gloom from others’ minds.
Send shafts of thy golden smiles, like sunlight, Through every dark cloud of despondency,
To brighten others’ days of depression and gloom.

Command thy smiles to resurrect life
In the semi‐conscious, walking, dead.
Smile for those living dead also,
Whose grim peace betokens at least victory over pain. Let thy smiles pulverize to atoms

The rocks of all sorrow.
Let thy smiles meander alike
Through desert minds and oasis hearts.
Let thy deluge of smiles fearlessly sweep
Through all minds, through all dark, lonely alleys, Drowning or washing away
Every barrier of human pain.

When God laughs through the soul,
And the soul smiles through the heart,
And the heart smiles through the eyes,
Then the prince of smiles is crowned
’Neath the canopy of thy celestial brow.
Protect thy prince of smiles in a castle of sincerity.
Let no rebel hypocrisy lurk in dark woods, waiting to destroy it. Spread the gospel of smiles,

To purify all homes with health‐giving laughter, Loose wild fires of thy smiles
To blaze through thickets of melancholia. Open the long‐bottled musk of smiles,

And scatter its perfume to all men.
Intoxicate all with the wine of thy smiles.
Take rich smiles from every joyous soul.
Excavate smiles from the mine of all true mirth. North, south, east, and west: wherever thou goest, O smile‐millionaire,
Scatter thy golden smiles—
Freely, freely, everywhere.


In the Land of Dreams