O you, who have come to the portals of this book of prayer-demands: Pass not by in haste. Enter and bathe in the sacred pool of God’s love, hidden in the still, deep waters of meditation.

Every day, take one prayer‐demand at a time, and read it carefully. First, get the intellectual concept, and concentrate on it, addressing yourself to God with focused, unceasing, urgent mental whispers.

Your demand must be individualized. Fragrant flower‐thoughts will blossom in your heart from that original prayer‐plant— thoughts born of concentration and inner experiences, and watered by the divine dew of that grace which is attracted by meditation.

Each thought‐empowered word shall then wear for you a bright, flaming garment. Each word shall be a guiding torchlight in the procession of your prayer‐thoughts as you march toward God. Each word will spread light to illumine the path of some lost brother on the way. Each word‐song will sing a song that God Himself has sung, revealing some lost gem of truth. Each word-torch will illumine some dark corner in your mind. Each thought will pour forth a silent sermon of His sacred Bliss. Each feeling-note will reverberate with the presence of His love everywhere, and will wake sleeping souls to hear His ever‐blissful voice summoning you, and all mankind: “Come home!”


1. Cosmic Salutation