Thy Home-Coming

Thy mansion of the heavens is lit by perennial aurora displays of mystic light.

The stellar system swings across the endless dark highways of eternity which lead to Thy mystic home.

The comet-peacocks spread their plumes of rays, and dance in wild delight in Thy garden of many moons.

I sit on a little patch of the milky way and watch the glory of Thy kingdom spread endlessly everywhere.

The festivities of the heavens are dazzling with the fireworks of meteors and meteorites.

Shooting stars are hurled across the blue vaults by Thine unseen band of obedient devoted forces.

Everybody, everything, every atom, rejoices during Thy coronation as the uncrowned King of Universes.

Every day the trees drop flowers in Thine honor, and the skiey vase sends wisps of fire-mist incense to Thee.

Candlesticks of heavenly powers hold the burning stars to light Thy temple.

Meteorites skip, glow, swoon, and fall to earth, mad with Thy joy.

The planetary dance glides in stately rhythm awaiting Thy home-coming.

Because Thou hast been away, Thy mansion of matter has been dark.

Now darkness is being dispelled and Thy gloom-drenched chamber of eternity is becoming radiant at the news of Thy return.

Heavenly lights have opened their gates. Bonfires of nebulous mists are heralding Thine approach.

The speedy sentinels of sun and moon patiently are waiting for Thy home-coming.

And I am running wild, dancing in my little body on my little earth, or skimming over the Milky Way, coaxing everything, every atom of space, every speck of consciousness, to open its gates and let Thy light shine through completely and drive darkness evermore from the lonesome wilderness of matter.

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