Spiritualizing Daily Life

Our Most Important Challenge Spiritually

Learning to direct the energy of the heart is probably our most important challenge spiritually. If we want to awaken to our true state of unity with the Divine, we must learn to control our feelings and to channel them in a positive direction.


Five Things That Hold Us Back Spiritually

The ultimate culprit that holds us back spiritually is the non-use of Paramhansa Yogananda’s techniques. The failure to use the spiritual tools given by the Guru puts us out of attunement with him.

Spiritualizing Daily Life

Keys To Changing Your Karma

The more energy and will power you put into changing a particular karma, the sooner that karma will dissipate and the sooner the good karma you’re now creating will start to bear fruit.

Spiritual Development

Learning that Nothing is Ours

When we share, we are affirming our faith in God, and that we are a part of everyone. This is how we all need to live. Everything we do, we should do for Him. When we live that way, we find that whatever we give comes back to us a thousand-fold.

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When Worries Howl at You

The repetition of this mantra will begin to drive out all other thoughts and desires, until your consciousness begins to rotate around that single phrase, “God, God, God.”

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Breath: Secret to Control over Life Itself

To learn to interiorize one’s awareness completely can take many years, but even small progress in breath control can mean a great deal. The corresponding improvement in mental control could help you stay calm amid severe trials, to heal others with peace and kindness, and to concentrate successfully on your work.

Spiritualizing Daily Life

Tools for Dealing with Change

Most of the stress and pain associated with change is the result of wishing that things were other than they are. Learn to accept life and much of the anxiety associated with change will disappear.

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How to Build Fulfilling Relationships

A great sense of relaxation comes as we realize that relationships are given to us primarily to help us learn and grow, especially in our ability to accept and to love. Relationships lived in this manner hold the promise of deep fulfillment.

Swami Kriyananda

A Renunciate Order for the New Age

Some may think, “I’ve already committed myself to the spiritual quest as deeply as I can. Is it necessary to take an outward formal step to make that statement of commitment?”

Spiritual Development

Living by Faith

Faith is much more practical than most people realize. There is an infinite reservoir of divine love and support, and if you open yourself to that flow it will sustain you.

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Three Key Attitudes for Difficult Times

Today many people are fearful for the future. How can we stay open and expansive in this time of uncertainty and turmoil? How do we remember that God is always supporting and guiding us?

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Lord, I Am Thine

The life of a disciple can be summed up as ever deeper self-giving into the vibration of God and Guru. As we offer up our limitations, we open ourselves to their influence and they can enter our heart of hearts and change us.

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Persevering on the Spiritual Path

There’s nothing we can ever do that will cause God not to love us. For devotees, the main thing is to keep your lamps filled with the oil of devotion and to keep offering your love to God. After a while, if a day goes by when you don’t express your love for God, it’s like a day without food.

Swami Kriyananda

The Example of Swami Kriyananda

Divine friendship is one of the most important things that Swami Kriyananda has expressed in his life, and also modeled for us spiritually. He relates mainly to the Divinity within us. That’s why it’s called “divine friendship.”


Is There Best Way To Worship?

In order to look for “the best,” you must make comparisons, judging one thing superior and all others inferior. People who say, “Only my religion is the best,” create dreadful divisions in the world.

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Training the Mind to Concentrate

If you can concentrate more deeply, your meditations will be more fulfilling and their depth and length will automatically begin to increase.

Spiritualizing Daily Life

Getting Things Done: The Right Priorities

We don’t get upset when we keep our consciousness aligned with the Divine. The divine energy flows through us and automatically uplifts our consciousness and everything goes right.

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Increase the Love

Love is the light that drives out all darkness in relationships between people. If you have any problem with another person, it’s because the love between you has diminished.