From A Tale of Songs by Swami Kriyananda
“Life disappoints us until we discover that it is only a dream. Gain and loss: these too, being dreams, are fleeting. The love of true friendship alone remains precious to us forever, as part of the infinite love of God.”

Life is a dream.
Time, like a stream,
Carries our burdens away.
Never despair:
Joy’s ev’rywhere;
Love can befriend you today.
Free from all care,
Like birds on the air,
Soar above griefs and worries:
Seek Joy and be gay!

Often on earth
Things of great worth
Worldly ambitions defy.
Sometimes a friend
Helps us ascend
Up from life’s cares to the sky.
Love is a star:
Though shining afar,
It can guide us and help us
Toward light to draw nigh.