• I was so impressed with your on-line meditation teacher class.

    It was the first on-line class I have ever taken because I never trusted the integrity of on-line classes, and also because I seem to learn best in the presence of others. However, after taking your training I have changed my mind. The Ananda training is highly professional, accommodates multiple learning styles, and keeps students accountable. I think the best part of it was the instructors. You all were so knowledgeable and respectful. Ananda is fortunate to have you.” — K.K., RI

  • I am a long-term meditator and was delighted by how much I learned and the effect of deepening my practice.

    The course was extremely professional and also very warm and personal. I gave a workshop on meditation towards the end of the course, and I really saw how much the course had prepared me for this and given me the confidence to do it. It was such a joy to share this wonderful technique, and I feel inspired to really go for it and do others. I got much more from the course than I had anticipated and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to share meditation with others, or simply wants to deepen their own practice.” — N.D., England

  • This course was profoundly meaningful to me both personally and professionally.

    It was the first time I have taken an online class and must say it was a wonderfully enriching experience. I feel not only confident in teaching meditation to others now, but also am surprised to what depth this course has affected my own practice and gave me so many new insights, although I’ve practiced and learned about meditation for years already.” — C.S., California

  • Transformational — there's no other word to describe the power of this Meditation Teacher Training course.

    It provides a solid foundation on how to share the gift of meditation and presents a vast array of approaches and techniques to use. If that were all the course offered, it would be more than enough. Yet the course goes much further — offering powerful exercises to deepen and transform your own meditation practice. My practice has progressed as much during this course as it has over the last 10 years.” — M.D., Arizona

  • The instructors took great consideration of how to present the material to remote learners.

    We got the maximum benefits from all of the audio, video and written material Ananda has at their disposal. One of the best things about this course was that I was able to go back and refer to videos and handouts and listen to MP3s over again when I needed to, and the bonus is that I was able to save all the course material for future use! I was able to create a wonderful foundation for my own personal meditation practice as well as gain the knowledge, guidance and helpful tools that have made me feel confident in my ability to teach other people how to meditate and create a practice for themselves. And best of all, I know I have a life time of support from everyone at Ananda, the instructors who taught the course, and my fellow teachers.” — B.D., California

  • I was blown away during the first module and each week following.

    I didn’t really know what to expect, and I even had concern over whether or not I would gain enough information to feel confident teaching meditation. I gained so much knowledge—not only about meditation, the Hong-Sau technique, and how to teach it, but I learned a lot about myself as well. The practical tools are put to use during the course, and I felt completely supported to share my gifts with the world. During the course I taught classes at a 4-day festival, and I have already been offered class times at two local locations to teach. I am thrilled I chose to take this.” — R.M., California

  • I was a little skeptical to embark on a meditation teacher training online.

    Before signing up, I contacted Ananda and asked many questions. The answers I received gave me the confidence that the course would be an interactive course and not the usual online “dry” experience. In fact, in many ways I felt like our teachers were “just around the corner.” The course work and material were challenging but very informative, well organized, abundant,interesting, clear and complete. Whenever I had a question I would email our instructors, and a response would be posted within a very short time frame. I think the most appealing aspect of this course is that you feel your are right therewith the instructors. A direct line. I feel ready and confident to share meditation in public now with a practice I had overlooked for some time, but for which I now have a great enthusiasm.” —M.C.,Colorado

  • This has been such a wonderful opportunity!

    I truly appreciate the ability to learn how to teach meditation via an online course that works with my regular work schedule, and this particular course was very easy to follow and full of great material. Each week provided new material and meditations to practice. I was able to gain confidence as a meditation teacher, as well as learn all the information to add to my tool belt as a teacher. I look forward to taking my knowledge into my yoga classes and being able to create my own meditation series thanks to this wonderful course!” — L.L., California

  • One of the most enjoyable adult educational experiences I’ve had, online or off.

    Well thought out, well organized, well executed. Clear instruction and evaluative tools. Many thanks for this life-changing, high-quality opportunity to grow.” — K.B., New York

  • This course gave wonderful insight into how to teach a variety of students.

    It explained each topic in a way that was both intellectually rigorous and easy to understand. I feel confident that I have an abundance of material to use with practically any group of students, both those on a spiritual path and those who are more agnostic. The course also revolutionized my own meditation practice, helping me to go deeper into meditation and become more disciplined in my practice. As someone who has practiced Hong-Sau for a few years and taken Kriya initiation, I learned a tremendous amount about both Hong-Sau in particular and meditation in general. The teachers are also warm and welcoming, and the feedback they offered was insightful and useful. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to teach meditation or to Hong-Sau or Kriya practitioners who are looking to deepen their meditations.” — M.O., California

  • The course is more than I could ever have imagined!

    The course material is excellent, well prepared, and easy to follow!” — A.S., California

  • This course helped my meditation practice much more than I expected.

    My original intention was to introduce meditation to others in my circle of friends. But somewhere along mid-course I decided to actually teach classes. I was a little ‘iffy’ about doing a meditation course online because I had learned meditation in a classroom setting. I asked myself, How effective will it be to learn to teach without being in front of a teacher? However, I made the right decision. Because the online course runs for far longer than the usual in-person classes, it gave a lot of extra time to really absorb the information. I could play back the videos any number of times, go over the study material, research on the internet, and take my time to perfect my assignments. The flexibility of being able to study anytime based on when I had time, or when I felt like studying, made me a more mentally “ready” student and I enjoyed it more. The instructors Gyandev and Diksha were very helpful and prompt in answering any questions or concerns. I feel confident about being able to do a good job with my students.” — S.M., California

  • I began the course with doubts.

    English is not my native language. I worried that I might not be able to understand enough, or meet all the requirements. But I soon discovered in myself the willingness to do it, and I achieved a great personal goal. I learned so much more about the meditation than I ever knew, and now I enjoy my practice much more, too. It also gave me all the tools I need for leading a class with beginning students who want to add meditation to their lives.” — I.B., Argentina

  • This course gives a lot more than just meditation.

    This has been a wonderful course—it’s what I call “real Yoga,” and not just exercises. It is a way to live, and when we choose to live that way, I believe that will be very good for our future. Study the course manual precisely and read the manual several times, so you can go true to the real essence of Yoga. This course has my full recommendation. Thanks to Diksha and Gyandev.” — R.R. Switzerland

  • I feel like I learned and want to continue to learn.

    I would recommend this course because of the grounded lessons they offered. The support was constant and the class felt like a beautiful responsibility to myself.” — J.E., Hawaii

  • I gained a tremendous understanding of the meditation practice.

    It’s amazing how much you learn when you have to teach it to others. My daily meditation practice improved because I was focused on doing it correctly. I feel that this course is worthwhile for anyone who wants to teach meditation or expand their own meditation practice. — D.H., California

  • What an amazing course!

    Whether you want to teach others the joy of meditation or just deepen your own practice, this course will help guide you toward reaching a more meaningful meditation. The daily sadhanas and guided practices will help you learn techniques to lift your spirit and gain a better understanding of how meditation can have such a positive impact on one’s life.” — A.E., California

  • The course is wonderful, user friendly, very well presented.

    It really helped me to deepen my practice, aspire with more resources and ideas and also to connect and expand with many wonderful, spiritual family and friends and community. Meeting and sharing with other like minded souls is also very helpful and inspiring.The mentors, Gyandev and Diksha, are exceptional souls and their selfless love, service, and unconditional support blossoms your heart.” — S.D., California