This is the last email in this meditation mini-course. I hope you’ve gotten a lot out of it and are now on your way to becoming a regular meditator. If you’d like to deepen your meditation practice and connect further with Ananda, here are a few steps you can take:

Find a meditation class or retreat near you.
Having group meditations, classes, and satsangs (get-togethers) with other meditators and spiritual seekers is a great way to support your meditation practice and keep you motivated. They can also offer help with any challenges that come up with your practice. Ananda communities and centers offer classes on different spiritual subjects as well, and can prepare you for and teach you Kriya Yoga, the main technique taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi.

Take the Ananda Course in Meditation online course.
If you live too far away to visit Ananda in person, this is a more comprehensive course that will cover the Hong-Sau technique in more depth, as well as Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises, which we recommend as a tool to increase your energy and deepen your meditations. It has live online guided meditations, discussions, personal support from the teachers, videos, MP3s, and a PDF textbook. This class is required if you want to take Kriya yoga and don’t live near an Ananda center that offers it.

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Any Feedback?

If you have any feedback about what you have enjoyed or not enjoyed in this email series, please let us know by replying to this email or by emailing us at We always want to improve what we offer, and would love to hear from you.

Enjoy your meditations!

Nayaswami Maria