• Section 1 — Release and Waiver

    Any program of physical activity will involve a certain amount of strenuous exercise.

    In consideration of the consent of Ananda Church of Self-Realization and Ananda World Brotherhood Village and any individual teachers who may participate in Asanas for the Yoga Sutras Online for the dates October 9 to November 14, 2021, said consent having been given upon my express request, I hereby assume all risk of injury or damage to my property during the program of physical activity, or incidental thereto, howsoever and wheresoever occurring, and however long the physical activity course may continue, and I hereby release Ananda Church of Self-Realization and Ananda World Brotherhood Village and all individual teachers from any and all claims and demands or liabilities for any injury to my person including death or to my property in any way arising out of or incidental to my participation in, or presence during said physical activity course.

  • Section 2 — Emergency Contact

    Please provide us with the name and contact of a person to notify in case of emergency.

  • Section 3 — Consent for Assistance

    I hereby give my consent to the instructors and assistants of the above-mentioned program to verbally/visually adjust my bodily position in the yoga postures during the program. Please consult the AYS faculty if you have questions.

  • Student Agreements

    Following are the requirements for completion of Asanas for the Yoga Sutras Online course.

    Attendance Requirements

    • Attend all mandatory live classes for their entire duration, except one class can be missed.
    • If you miss a live class, you will need to watch the video recording and complete an additional video assignment.
    • Full participation in all live classes (synchronous learning) and assignments. This means being actively engaged during the entire session.
    • Full participation in all pre-recorded material (asynchronous learning) including group discussion forums, self-quizzes, video and reading assignments, as listed on the course site.
    • Punctuality
      On-time attendance is required for live classes. Chronic tardiness will result in non-completion.

      Assignments and Self-Quizzes
      Students must satisfactorily complete all required course assignments by the end of each unit in which they are assigned, plus a final quiz at the end of the course. “Satisfactorily” means on-time completion with answers that demonstrate a good understanding of the subject material.

      Safety and Awareness in Personal Practice
      Each student must exhibit a safe personal practice, showing appropriate consideration for her/his own body’s abilities, limitations, and conditions.

      Attitude and Aptitude for Teaching
      For a completion letter, students must demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to teach Ananda Yoga clearly, safely, and completely.

      Use of Course Materials
      All course materials are copyrighted by Ananda Church of Self-Realization and may not be reproduced or shared with anyone. Any use requires prior express written permission. Contact the Director of Ananda Yoga (530-478-7518) for assistance.

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