The Peace and Harmony Prayer

Visualize our planet in divine light, and pray — out loud or inwardly — from your heart:

“Lord, fill this world with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.”

Repeat this for about a minute (10 repetitions). Then visualize yourself in divine light, and for 15 seconds (3 repetitions) say:

“Lord, fill me with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.”

For maximum effect, say this prayer 5 times every day.

Let's Join Together

Never, it seems, has there been so much polarization: people divided ever more fanatically along lines of religion, class, and political persuasion. Even friends and families can find themselves at odds. Those of us who are seeking inner peace must also become instruments of peace in the world and in our relationships. How do we do that?

Each individual’s consciousness must change before there is harmony at home, in the workplace, and the world at large. The Dalai Lama said, “If we taught every eight-year-old to meditate, we would end war in one generation.” Laws can’t control violence, either physical or emotional, because violence starts in the consciousness of the individual lost in ignorance.

Let us join together in a wave of social transformation, and through the practice of prayer and meditation create a spirit of unity on an individual and global that can lead to lasting peace. If, collectively, we act as a great lens to focus this peace and harmony, it will illuminate this earth and drive out the shadows. Please join us. Be a channel of God’s Light.

Visualization for World Peace

Visualize a globe of blue light at the point between your eyebrows — a light that is both very powerful and innately intelligent.

Now let it spread until it illuminates your whole brain, then descends down your neck to fill your whole body. See this light expanding beyond your body, filling the room you are in and permeating your home with warmth and peace. Let the light continue to spread until it fills your town… your state… your country… and finally the whole globe. See everyone and everything bathed with this light.

Now let it touch all areas of shadow or conflict. Feel the glow connecting everyone on a deep, non-verbal level. Let the light take on a vibration of loving friendship, removing all separation. Now, bless the entire world with the Peace and Harmony Prayer.